#311: the monster is a metaphor

February 21, 2003

oh god, i hurt. i knew it, predicted it on this website even, and it came to pass that i took a dive on my first time down the hill when i went skiing yesterday. well… technically, the first dive i took was when i got off the chairlift and fell flat on my face […]

#305: teenange mutant ninja prae

February 7, 2003

yeah, i know that sight gags are cheap and getting prae naked, or me in a costume is getting old, but i really don’t care. cheap humour is still humour, and when it’s late and i’m tapped for ideas, it’s the best you’re going to get. i’m sick. nose stuffed, throat sore, losing my voice, […]

#—: too sleepy. no inspiration.

January 29, 2003

yeah, sorry everyone for not having a real comic up for today. i’m just lacking the energy and inspiration to come up with an original comic tonight. maybe friday. i just got back from my magical adventure downtown. it started out with a trip to my history tutorial, and then coincidentally enough a history lecture! […]

#302: and i encourage this behaviour in others

January 27, 2003

today’s comic is pretty much a true to life representation of my weekend (only without the smiling). i was hoping to have a big thing at my recently ex-parented apartment, and invited a bunch of ‘friends’ up to have a good time. yet out of all the people i invited, each and everyone of them […]