#55: weekend schmeekend

March 9, 2001

[ added: 4:36 pm, 03.10.01: apologies for the lateness of this post. please forward all complaints here ] well that pretty much summarizes my weekend, so… there you have it. maybe i can finally get some more work done on my case mod project… wow.. so much little bits of news to inform you of. […]

#53: booby the vampire slayer

March 5, 2001

oh my god.. so i just watched 2001: a space odyssey. not only am i mentally and physically drained just from the experience of the damned thing, but it was fucking weird to boot. i think i’m going to watch the ending again tomorrow to try to figure it out… so.. blame today’s lack of […]

#50: fifty is a lot of funny

February 26, 2001

so yeah.. .today’s comic is just a wee tiny little bit late.. you see, i got stuck in guelph last night and as such couldn’t update the comic.. :o( however you will note that the comic both has a paralell between the “good” (of penny arcade, ice cream) and “bad” (of metroid fps, live wire) […]

#46: happy valentine’s day

February 16, 2001

“too late” , is it!? since today is valentine’s day as far as dillinger and myself are concerned, here’s the magestic valentine’s day strip, complete with valentine’s day font colour. we do hope you enjoy. just when i really start getting down about this whole “webcomic” thing and i’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth […]

#43: frighteningly realistic

February 9, 2001

sea monsters new versions of both windows and office (both to be designated “xp”, for experience) late this year askjeeves.com posts higher-than-expected losses 3fs’ friday comic rings disturbingly close to home… yes, i am writing this while avoiding sleep, dillinger drew it while procrastinating about doing an essay, and it’s based on corrine. so we […]

#41: the dream of every online comic…

February 5, 2001

believe it or not, it might be a good time to buy a dreamcast yeah, i know what you’re thinking. sega isn’t going to make anymore dreamcasts, and probably not many more dreamcast games. but, if you can scoop a superior gaming platform like a dreamcast for 100 bucks… it’s almost worth it just for […]

#37: more senseless violence

January 26, 2001

blah blah blah this here is the shiznat nobody fucking reads. so the comic.. dillinger informs me that he is “not satisfied” with it, claiming he was driving at a decidedly penny-arcadian feel to it… but i hit him in the face with a bat so it stays. that being said… i consider myself to […]

#30: q3-hey!

January 10, 2001

hehehe today’s comic strip features a good friend of mine, treh, in a 100% accurate (read: not accurate) portrayal of a friendly game of q3a against me. so my windows 2000 installation that i mentioned? it crashed for the first time today. actually, it crashed three times. nice, solid locks. once running 3dmark2000, and then […]

#26: it’s just a joke

January 1, 2001

things have returned to normal it seems around here, with regards to our page hits, so hello to all the regulars.. as i write this i am on my way out the door to begin my new year’s festivites, so it’s gonna be brief…. (a) first of all, like many of our comics, today’s entry […]

#25: bolt-shevik revolution

December 29, 2000

so yeah. sorry. i was at a lan with nolman and treh. they don’t live here so… here, as promised, is the strip featuring a bloody communist robot slave revolution (or something to that effect). note our robots: the always lovable clango from dieselsweeties, the ever popular red robot from explodingdog.com (and who has also […]