#—: too sleepy. no inspiration.

January 29, 2003

yeah, sorry everyone for not having a real comic up for today. i’m just lacking the energy and inspiration to come up with an original comic tonight. maybe friday. i just got back from my magical adventure downtown. it started out with a trip to my history tutorial, and then coincidentally enough a history lecture! […]

#302: and i encourage this behaviour in others

January 27, 2003

today’s comic is pretty much a true to life representation of my weekend (only without the smiling). i was hoping to have a big thing at my recently ex-parented apartment, and invited a bunch of ‘friends’ up to have a good time. yet out of all the people i invited, each and everyone of them […]

#301: … the fuck?

January 24, 2003

saw the movie last night. it was weird, but that’s okay ’cause i like weird movies. but yeah, i walked out of the theater with the feeling that i was almost missing something about it; as if my mind were on the verge of getting some overarching, deep, intrinsic message of a work of art, […]

#300: you’re gonna have to read a long post

January 17, 2003

read dillinger’s rant on monday about cloning? i concur. wanna hear me take it somewhere crazy? forgive any technical misnomers, i’m not a bio-sci student, and forgive any incoherence- it’s 6 am. okay. the human genome is unlocked. we are isolating new genetic traits every day- genetic predispositions to violence. to athleticism. supposedly, there is […]

#287: one finger salute #1

November 8, 2002

all right. listen the fuck up. dill’s got shit to do, prae’s got his head buried in the sand and is pretending not to know anything about webcomics. so i’m here. the damn comic is now 2 years old, and here’s what you get. you don’t get dill. you don’t get prae. you get me, […]

#283: wtf am i talking about?

October 28, 2002

oh my god. i don’t even know where this comic came from? I was originally going to do a full major comic, using new art and everything about the chick from the starcraft ghost trailer ordering a sandwich from arby’s or something (‘the food of the warrior is a bacon chedder beef sandwich or something […]

#—: ex-nay on the omic-cay

October 23, 2002

[10.25.02] friday news update: okay, so there’s no comic today ether thanks to my testage and subsequent studyage. believe me, i’m sure doing a comic would have been much more interesting than reading up on sheink v. united states, brandenburg v. ohio, colin v. smith, texas v. johnson, and the many other first amendment court […]

#282: i also hit a little GTA3

October 21, 2002

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. welcome to the fantastic, the amazing, the spectacular monday strip! glad you’re all here again, we have another strip that’s more or less true (and more or less exactly along the lines of other strips). I was planning on doing some serious reading and studying […]

#279: slapiddy slap slap

October 11, 2002

it’s someone’s birthday! angel pointed out to me that i could’ve just said happy birthday to her in the missing wednesday comic. i hope this makes up for it, corrine… 🙂 happy birthday! okay, well sorry about the lack of my going postal on wednesday. school just wore me down too much. sorry about it. […]

#278: you don’t have to get up pretty early…

October 7, 2002

[Dill Tuesday night update: Okay, this one’s to all my peeps in lockup. The thing is, I’m beat, had to work late on a thing for class tomorrow, and am too tired to do a whole update. So you’re going to get a slight delay, but the update should be done by 3:30PM on Wednesday. […]