les links, in no particular order

Penny Arcade

Quite possibly the single funniest entity on the internet, Penny Arcade has been churning out funny for as long as funny has existed in webcomic form. Sharp, biting, and never pulling a single punch, the legendary Arcade has become synonoumous with online gaming cartoonists. There is no other site of its kind on the web with as much respect from both the gaming and webcomic communities, and there is good reason for this.


Diesel Sweeties is a daily strip that glorifes pixels. But more than that, it pushes boundaries that sometimes just aren’t meant to be pushed. Aw hell it’s just damned funny shit, check it out. Definately worth reading through all the archives, because the many of the jokes depend on the various characters’ personalities.
Lethal Doses

The Dose is an on-again-off-again love affar of Hot Soup, and although it appears like it’s off for good, there are some serious gems in this comic’s archives that are definately worth checking out.


A different breed of online comic, Megatokyo boasts one of the finest manga-style art forms, as well as perhaps the best and longest running continuous storyline I’ve yet to encounter.


Tatsuya Ishida’s masterwork of humour uses a sharp and definitive style, wry observational humour, and incredibly personable characters to be one of the most widely recognized strips on the web. updates five days a week, no less!

Winter: An Online Graphic Story

The notorious Hot Soup of Lethal Doses has gone and done it again- another sure-to-be smash comic of a different variety, Winter calls itself an “online graphic story”, and it surely is. Not a big “humour” type comic, at the time of this writing there are only 6 pages of the story up and I’m already hooked. definately check this bad boy out.

Checkerboard Nightmare
Checkerboard Nightmare is the self-proclaimed king of self-aware hack comedy. I’ve been reading since almost day one, and it’s amazing to see how quickly this comic’s fanbase has grown. Little old me gets a mention on his site in the bragging page- check it out! And, a little known fact- it was *I* who told the legendary Tycho Brahe about the page…

D+Pad is the last word in computer-store comics. They offer a fresh take on the tried and tested “gaming comic” by setting the series entirely within a video game store. They’re Canadian, and wildly funny. Take a gander, and be sure to email and ask if they’ll do your taxes for you.

HPB is the current comic by the former captain of the goodship Testicle da Barbarian. With his magical passwords of eternity stripped from him and his comic cursed to drift forever in the endless sea of the world wide web, Keir did not break and he is back in action with HPB. The artwork is done all in Photoshop with no graphic tablet of any kind- 100% mouse and click. They are definately worth checking out! Also, the “.” link has a particularily memorable newspost…