#—: ex-nay on the omic-cay

By admin, October 23, 2002

[10.25.02] friday news update: okay, so there’s no comic today ether thanks to my testage and subsequent studyage. believe me, i’m sure doing a comic would have been much more interesting than reading up on sheink v. united states, brandenburg v. ohio, colin v. smith, texas v. johnson, and the many other first amendment court cases and political procdures for my american politcs class… but those are the breaks. so here are some links for you:
ever wanted to know what the 10 millionth number of pi was? well now you can
some people have too much time on their hands
this sounds like it would be the best lan EVER!

thanks to everyone who helped out. see you monday (i hope)

okay, so i really wanted to do a comic, but i have way too much work to do. and to let you know, the same could be the case for friday because i have a major test that day (and as much as i love each and every one of you, i like marks more) so i’ll be studying instead of posting a comic. sorry about this, but i gots prerogatives.

I will, however, hit you with all the links i’ve gotten:

– this is a cutesy little final fantasy flash movie. watch it only once, or else your screen maybe be in danger of running into your fist.
– a good way to waste time
I couldn’t even understand this one
– here’s a bunch of stuff if you’re into ultima online. don’t ask me to explain it to you…
– some people piss me off. people need a way to deal with their grief, and if this woman needs to deal with it by blaming everquest, so be it – i can totally understand. but the media that actually publishes these stories should have a more objective view on certain issues, in this case, personal responsibility.
– here’s a story about how some scientists development of tearless onions. meanwhile, millions of people worldwide continue to die of AIDS and cancer.
– and easily the best link of the day, sent in by nolman himself. boy do i wish i had this job.

thanks to everyone who helped out. any more links i get will be given to you friday. if i get none, you all get squat! later.