well, when it was all said and done, it was extremely tough to pick a winner in this one. there were some great entries, and here below are the runners-up:

from hipnotoad: windows is so in the habit of giving error messages, it gives them even when things are just fine.

from a32bitwhore: to install quicktime 5, quicktime 5 must already be installed.

from odd littleman: windows slightly overestimates the size of one folder of mp3s

and now, the winner!!!! here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!!! i know i have!!! ready? here it is:

no name given, just an email address.. but i’m gonna refer to this person as “allstar” and say that this was just humorous enough to beat out the others. this is certainly a classic!!

thanks very much to everyone who entered – even if you’re not featured here, be assured that you guys made this a very tough decision! stay tuned for more great contests from 3fs!!!

contest closed!! thanks for all the entries- stay tuned for further updates and the winner!!!

current contest: “more screwed than prae”

starts: 16 march 2002
closes: 29 march 2002

prize: t-shirt of winner’s choice from 3fs store!

point: send praet0rian a screenshot of an error message more fucked up than the one below
rules: do not send me huge screenshots files! the screenshot must be no larger than 1024×768 and 250k!!!
the image cannot be doctored in any way
it must be an error that you recieved on a computer while you were using it
“intentional” errors are fine; ie if you know a way to totally screw up your comp and make it give you a bizarre error, feel free

details as follows:

not too long ago, i was peacefully working away at my computer when i recieved the following error message:

in case you’re wondering, here are the details. it just popped up, and the number 43 visible in the screenshot is a timer that was counting down to when my computer would be reset. it crashed, but gave me 59 seconds to do what i had to do before things got reset. i’ve never seen it before, never seen it since, and i’m way too lazy to investigate what the hell it means. so here’s the deal: send me a screenshot of the craziest error message. entries will be judged solely by me on whatever whims i may. however, bonus points are awarded for humour and originality (the unreal tournament page of gibberish error, while funny, is definately old hat)

there will be an actual prize awarded. right now, i make no guarantees of my ability to ship it to anywhere outside north america- i’ll do my best if the need arises, but that shit is expensive, yo. you might have to meet me halfway or something.

good luck!!!