#—: too sleepy. no inspiration.

January 29, 2003

yeah, sorry everyone for not having a real comic up for today. i’m just lacking the energy and inspiration to come up with an original comic tonight. maybe friday. i just got back from my magical adventure downtown. it started out with a trip to my history tutorial, and then coincidentally enough a history lecture! […]

#302: and i encourage this behaviour in others

January 27, 2003

today’s comic is pretty much a true to life representation of my weekend (only without the smiling). i was hoping to have a big thing at my recently ex-parented apartment, and invited a bunch of ‘friends’ up to have a good time. yet out of all the people i invited, each and everyone of them […]

#301: … the fuck?

January 24, 2003

saw the movie last night. it was weird, but that’s okay ’cause i like weird movies. but yeah, i walked out of the theater with the feeling that i was almost missing something about it; as if my mind were on the verge of getting some overarching, deep, intrinsic message of a work of art, […]

#300: you’re gonna have to read a long post

January 17, 2003

read dillinger’s rant on monday about cloning? i concur. wanna hear me take it somewhere crazy? forgive any technical misnomers, i’m not a bio-sci student, and forgive any incoherence- it’s 6 am. okay. the human genome is unlocked. we are isolating new genetic traits every day- genetic predispositions to violence. to athleticism. supposedly, there is […]