#024: self-sacrifice

December 27, 2000

holy shit. i’m off my comp for christmas and everyone starts getting delusions of grandeur. our hits went through the roof (bear in mind that i took that image at like 12:52 am on wednesday, so there wasn’t a lot of time to get hits yet…) over the last couple days. maybe getting mentioned on […]

#023: our tree is secure

December 25, 2000

hohoho today is christmas but even a religious holiday can’t stop the mad mad humour factory that is 3fs!!! we’re still here cranking out the phattest and freshest comics since the advent of the internet, rocking your world much like an early nineties guns n’ roses show… here’s hoping that you’re all having the most grooved-out of […]

#019: solid aibo

December 15, 2000

well here’s another comic. in other news… i’m thinking of shaving a few pixels off either side of the site, trimming it down to about 760 instead of 765, which kind of pushes 800×600 viewers to the edge. i’ll look into doing that for monday’s update, our big 20th comic and (finally) the explanation of […]

#015: no… it really hurts

December 5, 2000

you’ve all waited, you’ve hoped, you’ve prayed to whatever god you believe in. well, today, after the longest of waits, corrine has made a formal appearance here at 3fs, and is visible today in corrine beta 2.0 form. as you should have noticed, were you a regular here, 3fs missed its monday update. i’m not […]

#014: who… or what?

December 1, 2000

december is offically upon us and i have yet to do any christmas shopping damn. dillinger is still hard at work at school, so today’s comic was another fun episode in “cutting and pasting 101”, or “how praetorian got his groove back”. i would like to say, however, that i drew dillinger’s mouth in frame […]

#013: phase 1: spam website. phase 3: date with killcreek.

November 29, 2000

okay… so when i didn’t do monday’s update sunday night and it was left until 7:00 pm on monday, i threw my whole system out of whack. so i didn’t even realize that today was wednesday until 11:45 last night on my way to work… so the update is late again… sorry… at least it’s […]

#012: now, where did i put that ending?

November 27, 2000

as you may be able to deduce from the following bit of comical wit, i took in “unbreakable” with corrine over the weekend. with samuel l. jackson and bruce willis, i’m virtually guaranteed a good movie. and it was- it was freaking awesome. i’ve never seen or heard of a similar plot, and the willis […]

#011: hammed across america

November 24, 2000

okay, so the strip’s called “hammed across america”. i do realize that we are canadian- but there was no “hands across canada” thing so my humourous play on words wouldn’t have worked. okay so anyways it’s 4:24 am. i’m going to bed since i have to be at work in 3.5 hours. there’s a f.a.q. […]

#010: dry cool wit of an action hero

November 21, 2000

today’s strip features sony’s aibo. interestingly enough, so does yesterday’s strip at lethal doses… but i assure you that these two separate strips have nothing in common- hot soup doesn’t even know who i am (until i email him that is hehehe). when you consider that i did this update on the 21st at about […]

#009: who?

November 19, 2000

election2000 comes to an “anticlimactic” conclusion today (just as the real one will) with our current comic, which weighs in at a healthy 23% of your recommended daily intake of funny. opening weekend here at 3fs went pretty well, but remember- it takes a combined total of next to no time at all to enter […]