#313: missing like hoffa

March 18, 2003

holy FUCK! where the hell have i been? i mean, i know it’s down to one post a week, but you’d think even the laziest ass such as myself would be able to make his way up from that pit of procrastination, overcome my lackadaisical temperment to make at least one post a week, or […]

#312: MIA in the GTA

March 3, 2003

check out the date! cool! yeah, i know. i’ve been a little missing in action due to the missing motivation on my part. plus the work from last week, plus work for this week, and so on and so on. and i’ve got news for you guys: for now, and as far as i know, […]

#311: the monster is a metaphor

February 21, 2003

oh god, i hurt. i knew it, predicted it on this website even, and it came to pass that i took a dive on my first time down the hill when i went skiing yesterday. well… technically, the first dive i took was when i got off the chairlift and fell flat on my face […]

#310: oh lord, make my airborn body fast and true

February 19, 2003

today’s comic is pretty much what’s going on over and over in my head right now. the skiing sounds fun, but the inexperience on my part resounds in my “dill-don’t-do-something-that-will-get-you-hurt” part of my brain. and then i’m off to guelph after skiing to hang out with the elusive prae. it’ll be the most fun i’ve […]

#309: hooray for overhype

February 17, 2003

TBS is the biggest hunk of crap network ever… it’s a bit frustrating when you think of how good a station it could be. They’ve always got bitchin movies to show, but they always butcher them and take out any reference to sex, violence, drugs, swearing, jaywalking, and whatever else they feel necessary to make […]

#308: it’s a bipolar holiday

February 14, 2003

boo valentines day is right! what a bipolar holiday this is. i say that because i find that it’s both a mix of petty hallmark inventedness (little comfort to those who want vainly not to be alone this day), a day of celebrating relationships (for all you happily happy ones with an amour of your […]

#307: goonish guest strips

February 12, 2003

so here’s another guest strip from goony. he’s got a ‘special’ sense of humour. and just so you know, i only wear a tutu when i’m really really drunk, and these days i’m practically a teetotaller, so there. nothing to say… boo valentines day…

#306: second city bound

February 10, 2003

i love this comedic device, always have. but i didn’t really realise until i took a gander at the last few comics sequentially just how much i really use it. i’ll try to come up with more dynamic comics if and when i post in the future. but until then, be thankful for the table […]

#305: teenange mutant ninja prae

February 7, 2003

yeah, i know that sight gags are cheap and getting prae naked, or me in a costume is getting old, but i really don’t care. cheap humour is still humour, and when it’s late and i’m tapped for ideas, it’s the best you’re going to get. i’m sick. nose stuffed, throat sore, losing my voice, […]

#303: eat this, PETA!

January 31, 2003

I swear to god, i’m going to harm my cat. since i’m the only one in the apartment this week, i’m the one who feeds the cats so at 6:00am when she wants food, she walks on my sleeping face. and then through some strange twist of events, she ends up very airborne and very […]