#77: occamb’s razor

By admin, May 7, 2001

as much fun as it was to beat dillinger senseless at q3a while he could not hear me sneaking around the various arenas, i am as much to blame as he for forgetting this simple step. updating the drivers for my sblive value (i know, not the coolass gold pressed latinum version that also makes your breakfast) has fixed two or three serious problems with crashing in games and such. go figure.

another weekend is gone, but many various and productive things came of it. i delivered a (beautifully giftwrapped, thanks to corrine) housewarming gift to my good buddy mike, who just moved into his new apartment. he seemed to genuinely dig the tv/vcr stand, which will enable him to dedicate the milk crates he currently uses to other projects. i visited the ol’ kelsey’s not once but twice, and a job there is virtually assured. all i must do now is make sure i’ll get some decent coinage for it and i can leave the hell that is greening donald for the sub-hell that is kelsey’s. also, i learned that i will be getting my grandmothermobile on this upcoming long weekend! although it will mean significantly reduced time behind the whell of the very sweet subaru legacy, this 1989 buick century will be my own set of wheels, affording me a mobility previously unheard of. most excellent.

i’ve been playing a lot of nhl2k1 lately… just would like to reiterate that it does, indeed, kick extremely large amounts of ass.

on the simpsons tonight, basser frink created a cow that is internally refrigerated and gives off iced cream instead of milk. it needed to wear earmuffs and a scarf, because it was cold. my god was that funny.

blam blam everybody just hit the floor