#70: chronic 2001

By admin, April 18, 2001

dear prae: you must do work to have work to show. signed, your brain.

dear brain: shut the fuck up or i’ll stab you with a q-tip. signed, prae.

today’s comic illustrates the beauty of unions. ahh… fuck you work. what’re you gonna do? what are you gonna do?

the little dialogue with my brain (seen above) is atypical of my problems with getting shit done lately. there are a bunch of cool things on the way, it’s just a matter of getting off my ass and doing them. don’t worry, you’ll know all about the ‘eternal life for praetorian’ contest soon enough!

scott kurtz of pvp fame (yes, the same pvp that we got linked above) wrote a two-part rant some time ago that has since turned into a three part rant. in the first two parts, he basically discusses the problem that increased traffic to your (comic) website, if high enough, will cost you a great deal in bandwidth and server hosting costs, which could then put you out of business, so to speak, despite becoming more popular. it’s much more in depth than that, and quite a good read just for the sake of reading it, so i recommend it. however, i tend to agree with tycho brahe’s take of the situation. something about the way the article is written irks me in a way i can’t really explain- but it’s much the same way that most of scott’s comics seem to irk me. like visions tugging at the sides of my eyes, i’m annoyed without ever really knowing why. i sent tycho an email with regards to it; the reply i recieved yesterday made my fucking week. as far as i’m concerned, it was better than a link from him on his front page, so excellent was his little note. but anyway. the drama continues with this, the third page of the rant from scott.

this email from tycho comes as a beacon during a depressing time in online comics, for me at least. scott kurtz’s general commercial success determines quality rant, megatokyo seems stuck on this blasted “evil doll” thing, [ update: today they made a non-evil doll comic :o) ] and perhaps worst of all hot soup pseudo-throws in the towel at lethal doses. you’ll notice the ld link button is gone. as much as i thoroughly enjoyed lethal doses in its earlier iterations, it just seemed to be more and more forced out of soup as time went on. it’s sad to see an old favourite (mostly) go, but perhaps it is for the best if his heart isn’t really in it anymore. soup- thanks for the laughs. your art and humour will be sorely missed. i look forward to any other comics you serve up as being miraculous treats from nowhere.

whee.. i think i’m gonna nap or something for a bit on my ahem day off.. later all.