#64: the preferred grammatical form is “making an ass of yourself”

By admin, April 2, 2001

wow it’s mornign and i’m fucking tired…

so yup i gots me a shiny copy of black and white. i really can’t describe it any better than tycho from penny arcade did on friday, so go check it out. i love this game. :o)

i had to watch popstars last night- many thanks to corrine- and was amazed to see this “pop group” that has been formed as a part of “popstars”, which advertises “watch the birth of a pop music group”, this group is complaining that their music sounds too “poppy” and doesn’t have enough of a soul / r&b vibe. like, hell-fucking-o there: the show is called pop stars. not r&b stars. not soul stars. pop stars. and then, to seal the ridiculousness, the five girls are confronted by their “handlers”- producers, managers, and other executives who are running the show- and told that they are going to have to understand and make some compromises, etc etc etc. then one girl says “i don’t care what people say about the music, what the critics say, or what anybody thinks- as long as i enjoy the music and i can stand behind it, that’s all that matters”.

well, no you dumbass, that is *not* all that matters. i mean, does she honestly think that this group of executives put together a tv show / band just so these five girls could be happy with the music they are singing? i propose that the band was formed to make some bloody money, and if the people and the critics don’t like the music, then it goddamned well is going to matter, isn’t it?

ugh.. must sleep now… peace out all. hopefully by wednesday the forums will be decidedly kicking it with all three fingers. whatever that is supposed to mean.