#53: booby the vampire slayer

By admin, March 5, 2001

oh my god.. so i just watched 2001: a space odyssey. not only am i mentally and physically drained just from the experience of the damned thing, but it was fucking weird to boot. i think i’m going to watch the ending again tomorrow to try to figure it out… so.. blame today’s lack of news on stanley kubrick’s film. not me.

today’s comic comes straight from dillinger and is all about buffy the vampire slayer, a show he claims to watch because of previously uncharted levels of ass-kicking combined with sexy woman. reportedly, the last episode was a tear-jerker, to which he had the following to say:

man… the last buffy episode was so sad… i’m a guy, so i didn’t cry or anything, but if i was a chick, i’d have tits…

scientists are still working on deciphering his comments. understandably, his woman dislikes the show, largely because “shh! watching buffy…” is an actual reaction of his.

also from dillinger:

oooooohhh… i’m very disappointed… i didn’t get a superhero… and seing as how it took me all of 2 minutes to make a kickass one for me…. ooooohhh…

also you didn’t use the strip i sent you…

this is, of course, in regards to friday’s comic. so now you hear his side of the story. the very same dillinger would also like to direct your attention to striptease, which he claims to be his “new favourite online comic”. me, props to the guy for a hella good job well done, but it doesn’t garner the ol’ “favourite” status from me. i’m not really sure exactly who holds my “favourite” online comic; probably still the ol’ penny arcade because of their undeniable one-two combo of hilarious debauchery known as the strip, backed by tycho brahe’s ferocious and often liquour-fueled wit and fury. a very, very close second would be megatokyo because of the art, the deep and three dimensional personalities of (some) of the characters, and the simply glorious storyline and multiple story arcs which are still holding true to the time the comic first started out. look for links to both megatokyo and striptease in your friendly sidebar link area soon.

well that’s it for me.

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