#50: fifty is a lot of funny

By admin, February 26, 2001

so yeah.. .today’s comic is just a wee tiny little bit late.. you see, i got stuck in guelph last night and as such couldn’t update the comic.. :o( however you will note that the comic both has a paralell between the “good” (of penny arcade, ice cream) and “bad” (of metroid fps, live wire) that is interesting and hopefully funny. it’s our fiftieth comic. we kick ass.

goddamn i’m sick again. i’m not even going to work today.. ugh i hate being sick. i also hate work, but i love money so it’s a tough decision to make. ah well, i’ll work on the case and sleep a lot maybe.

hehehehe why did the operating system cross the road? cause it’s funny.

so i have seen the gear. the praetorian shirt and the usual suspects shirt are both of top quality- i was really impressed. they come with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, although i’m told that the shipping is a little pricey if you want to get them here to canada. but hell they kick ass buy yours today!