#46: happy valentine’s day

By admin, February 16, 2001

“too late” , is it!?

since today is valentine’s day as far as dillinger and myself are concerned, here’s the magestic valentine’s day strip, complete with valentine’s day font colour. we do hope you enjoy.

just when i really start getting down about this whole “webcomic” thing and i’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth continuing, i gets an email right out of the blue (that i tried forwarding to you, dillinger, but apparently it didn’t make it) from a certain kier broadfoot of testicle the barbarian fame, a comic rated in the top ten by tycho brahe (yes, the tycho). he thinks the whole 3fs scene is cool and he’s a canadian webcomic-type guy so we love him.


well. my comp just bluescreened somehow and i lost my whole news post beyond that point. fuck. it was about napster losing and yo uhaving to switch to imesh or something… the successfuly landing of near shoemaker satellite on an asteroid and a humerous anecdote about hotdogs, hotdog buns, and how they come packaged in different amounts.. some more news but it’s all gone and i’m not redoing it. screw you all i hate blue screens.

happy valentine’s day corrine
i love you.