#41: the dream of every online comic…

By admin, February 5, 2001

believe it or not, it might be a good time to buy a dreamcast

yeah, i know what you’re thinking. sega isn’t going to make anymore dreamcasts, and probably not many more dreamcast games. but, if you can scoop a superior gaming platform like a dreamcast for 100 bucks… it’s almost worth it just for nfl2k (at least, that’s what i’ve heard)

i’d also like to take this moment to remind everyone of the undying quality that are hanes brand clothing. coincidentally enough, 3fs clothing is printed on hanes. shouldn’t you be buying some 3fs clothing right now?

so i watched most of battlefield earth, finally… having done so, i can say i see why travolta was so taken with it, and why he wanted to make it so badly. however, it’s also painfully clear that the movie is largely a failure, with several slightly-too-glaring plotholes and an unconvinving hero. even travolta was kind of lame as the evil villian alien… ah well. i wasn’t really expecting all that much.

well… i’m tired and true to dillinger’s prophetic forsight, i am not going to fill all this space up today. to make up for the void my lack of writing has left, maybe some 3fs clothes would help. i’m just saying.

/prae be gone in 60 seconds