#313: missing like hoffa

By admin, March 18, 2003

holy FUCK! where the hell have i been? i mean, i know it’s down to one post a week, but you’d think even the laziest ass such as myself would be able to make his way up from that pit of procrastination, overcome my lackadaisical temperment to make at least one post a week, or barring that, throw up an explaination for my abscense or something.

the truth is, i’ve been fucked for school. after reading week, i had a week to research and write an essay. after that, i had a week to research and write two essays. now i have two weeks to research and write one big essay, so the pressure’s off slightly, though other infrequent posts may become more and more infrequent. but to be honest, i have to admit while i regret not being able to post, it’s not like i haven’t been able to feed or bathe myself – it’s so much easier not to post and i don’t get any punishment for it (like not getting paid), so that is naturally a very appealing option, one that can’t be underestimated.

so… since we’re catching up here, how’s everybody been? as for me, i had quite the interesting weekend. went to waterloo on friday for a kickass party and the house of a kickass friend of mine. i met a whole whack of new people, we pulled an all nighter, and went out for breakfast at 5:45am. so i left waterloo at 7, and i was originally going to visit prae in guelph, but i figured he wouldn’t appreciate me rapping on his door at 8am on a saturday, so i just came back to toronto. muddled around here for a bit, watched some golf with my moms while we split a bottle of wine, and after dinner i crashed at 7pm and slept for 16 hours straight. as for today, in honour of st, patrick’s day, and to combat my eternal boredom, i dyed my hair (yet again) to that of the hue that the comic version of ‘dill’ is originally based off of: red like the nose of an alcoholic irishman.

who else saw the news confrence with president bush? man… i could spout off so much about the war, international reaction, and opinions abound, but i’m so over-the-top sick of any conceited person with a soapbox spouting off underinformed opinions that oversimplify issues that i’m not going to contribute to the sea of perpetual protest in hopes that there will be nuggets of truth within the flotsam, simply to say that international opinion matters, as does the UN, and Bush should concede that US authority has limits…

DAMMIT! i’m doing it myself now!

in other news, melissa, who usually rocks on a daily basis, rocks even more for sending me a postcard. come back soon, you crazy converted scot.

okay, i have to go now to (believe it or not) get my car washed at 11:50 at night because of the long lines at the carwash during the day. sure, some people say, i COULD wash it in the carwash space provided in my garage, but i’m much to lazy for that… maybe i’ll see you all around. later.