#312: MIA in the GTA

By admin, March 3, 2003

check out the date! cool!

yeah, i know. i’ve been a little missing in action due to the missing motivation on my part. plus the work from last week, plus work for this week, and so on and so on. and i’ve got news for you guys: for now, and as far as i know, now will be a long while if not ever, 3FS will be a once a week comic, updated only for mondays. hopefully by reducing the quantity, we’ll improve the quality… regardless, it may make it easier for me to update consistently, but i’m sure that train will be completely off the tracks in about a month.

so… how was everyone’s weekend? mine was comparitively much more intersting than it usually is. aside from being completely screwed with work, making me read every spare minute, i went out for dinner on friday night with a friend who was in town with two of her friends. it was like i was charlie, and they were my angels – very cool indeed. and then on saturday i went out to a kegger… too bad i had to drive and couldn’t… you know… drink.

okay, links links linsk: first of all, when looking at the domain name, there are let downs and then there are LET DOWNS. second of all, this is just stupid. i mean, not only are laws about corrupting minors dumb, not only due to the fact that they killed socrates for it but also because it’s all a matter of interpretation, open to the most blatent forms of descrimination and legal judgement based on religious or relative morals, which i’ve always had a huge problem with, most violently with courts that outlaw abortions. that being said, the woman in this story is a fucking moron. i mean, just feckless, tasteless idiocy, pure and simple.