#311: the monster is a metaphor

By admin, February 21, 2003

oh god, i hurt. i knew it, predicted it on this website even, and it came to pass that i took a dive on my first time down the hill when i went skiing yesterday. well… technically, the first dive i took was when i got off the chairlift and fell flat on my face but nothing there was bruised by my ego (but i’ve got plenty where that came from). so anyways, the point is that i fell hard when going fast, twisting my left knee (which hurt like a bitch all night), my wrists, and i didn’t know it then but my neck too has been hurting… but the main thing is my knee. it was fine for the rest of the afternoon and was skiing on it for a few hours after that, but when i stopped being active it was like ‘okay, swelling, feel free to set up shop here’ and was limping all night in guelph when i went up to visit prae. moral of the story, if you haven’t been skiing in 8 years, don’t go down cold without lessons or a trip down the bunny hill.