#310: oh lord, make my airborn body fast and true

By admin, February 19, 2003

today’s comic is pretty much what’s going on over and over in my head right now. the skiing sounds fun, but the inexperience on my part resounds in my “dill-don’t-do-something-that-will-get-you-hurt” part of my brain. and then i’m off to guelph after skiing to hang out with the elusive prae. it’ll be the most fun i’ve had all month…

and now for various weird links submitted by the semi-touched #3fs visitors:
old, yet hilarious
okay… that’s it for links i can post… they gave me other links, but i swear, you’re better off not seeing them.

anybody else see the naked news on friday night? it made me feel dirty, and yet totally legitimate in watching it… so it’s okay!

okay, i gotta wake up early tomorrow, so i’m cutting this post short.