#309: hooray for overhype

By admin, February 17, 2003

TBS is the biggest hunk of crap network ever… it’s a bit frustrating when you think of how good a station it could be. They’ve always got bitchin movies to show, but they always butcher them and take out any reference to sex, violence, drugs, swearing, jaywalking, and whatever else they feel necessary to make it acceptable for an 8:00 timeslot. i’m not aware if many people outside the greater Toronto area will know what i’m talking about, but there is a network we get here called “CityTV.” City is owned by CHUM and i’m not sure if there is another major television channel like it anywhere… somehow, during the evolution of television, CityTV managed not to get sold by CHUM to any of the major networks- as a result, they are pretty much a small, independent network with the financial backing of one of the largest broadcasting companies in Canada.

the implications here are interesting- City is a channel like any other, resembling your typical local channel for the most part. Their news focuses on local issues, not national or global ones, etc. However, when primetime rolls around, they don’t simply clone some big network’s feed- they have their own lineup. Aside from a host of CityTV exclusive shows, many of which are both quite good and quite relevant- programs like MovieTelevision, Media Television, SexTV, The NewMusic, and Speakers Corner- they also pick up major ratings shows like Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor, Smallville, etc- they even show Naked News.. To cap it all off, City still gets movies and shows quite a lot of them- a good mix of popular, current movies as well as a lot of good older ones AND never edits them. If the movie starts before nine PM, they will edit “motherfucker” to “____fucker” and that’s about it. Hell, on Friday nights latenight they still have “CityTV Baby Blue” and show softcore porn out of loyalty to all those softcore porn watchers who stuck by them in the early days. This is a channel not affiliated with any major network (no CBS or NBC or anything), regulated only by the CRTC and their own desires, with a veiwer base in the millions.

it’s a sad state of affairs that there aren’t more channels like this one. in an age where information is our most valuble commodity, there aren’t a lot of sources i feel can be trusted- suffice it to say, City is a lot higher on the list than TBS.

by the way, hello everyone. i know i don’t stop by as much as i should, but trust me- it has nothing to do with lack of love for all y’all- you get me positively aroused. i think it’s more of a performance anxiety thing.

let’s pretend i didn’t say that last part and move on. my email seems to be sorted out, so if you want, feel free to email me- if you’ve emailed me over the past couple of months or so at my licensetochill account, i sincerely apologize but i likely didn’t recieve it…

stay cool…