#308: it’s a bipolar holiday

By admin, February 14, 2003

boo valentines day is right! what a bipolar holiday this is. i say that because i find that it’s both a mix of petty hallmark inventedness (little comfort to those who want vainly not to be alone this day), a day of celebrating relationships (for all you happily happy ones with an amour of your own), just another day (for the cynics), and a kick in the junk (for the drinkers). it’s bipolar in that it’s got both extremes built into it of celebrating love and decerning isolation, and a whole specturm in between. as for me, i’ll be drinking in part to kick off reading week, and also for the valentines day issues mentioned above (and god knows there’s a lot more going on there).

so yeah, my reading week is going to be boring. i’m going to visit prae sometime, and a friend’s coming up here sometime (ps: drew, if you read this, let me know when you’re going to be in town), and some skiing sometime, but other than that i’ll be sitting on my ass and working on essays (not that i don’t have lots of work to do). i’m just saying it could easily be much more interesting and fun. if anybody’s in town this week and wants to go get a drink, give me a call…

melissa rocks

i would love to stay and chat, but i’ve got a test in 10 hours that i, in my cocky nature, have haphazardly prepared for. i hate how i think i know my stuff, i mean i could recite facts and figures and structures of government cold off the top of my head, but i haven’t studied or done all of the readings. i know the score, but i’ve also got the guilt, which will only be compounded if i do poorly on the test and drop my mark from the toasty 85% that it currently sits at… hoping beyond hope to do well… it’s too late now to study anymore, so what can i do.