#305: teenange mutant ninja prae

By admin, February 7, 2003

yeah, i know that sight gags are cheap and getting prae naked, or me in a costume is getting old, but i really don’t care. cheap humour is still humour, and when it’s late and i’m tapped for ideas, it’s the best you’re going to get.

i’m sick. nose stuffed, throat sore, losing my voice, tight pain in my chest, headaches, and feeling a little dizzy. and top all that with the odd hallucination (i swear to god, i hear things like noises from my computer that didn’t happen, noises from the kitchen from nothing, and sometimes think i hear someone say my name from another room when nobody else is home). this can’t be a good sign. i’d better take either more or less cough syrup… i can’t decide which.

well i don’t think i have anything more in the way of a rant due to lack of interesting things in my life besides schoolwork and quite the imbroglio of personal issues (which are by definition personal). so i’ve got nothing to rant about ad nauseum…. except this… i went to hit the head at school today, and the stalls were filled with unflushed sewage. now i know this is not an attractive topic, so feel free to stop reading, but what the hell is the matter with people!?!? if you put waste or any amount of toilet paper in the john, how hard is it to flush?! are you that rushed or inconsiderate, dumb, and lazy that you can’t push that handle down an inch? now i can understand (to some degree) this in public toilets, but i’m talking about at a university! how can you be hard working and smart enough to get into post-secondary school and yet so lazy, stupid, or incompetant that you can’t simpy flush the toilet?! what the hell is the matter with people!?!? it’s just one of those things that i can’t understand.

fuck it… i was going to write more, but i’m sleepy. need to get prepared for a weekend of sitting on my ass bored in my room… later

oh, and PS: drew, you owe me $10