#303: eat this, PETA!

By admin, January 31, 2003

I swear to god, i’m going to harm my cat. since i’m the only one in the apartment this week, i’m the one who feeds the cats so at 6:00am when she wants food, she walks on my sleeping face. and then through some strange twist of events, she ends up very airborne and very unhappy with me… until i feed her, that is… cats are so fickle.

so it’s late, and i don’t have time for a big post or many rants, so i’ll just leave you with random thoughts i’ve been having. discuss amongst yourselves:

– bad dreams or nightmares are WAY better than good dreams. when you wake up from a bad dream, you feel the relief that whatever you dreamed didn’t actually transpire (you’re puppy does not actually have cancer). but when you have a good dream (and usually it’s that one thing that you are missing from your life that you really want), you have to wake up to the harsh, comparibly miserable, reality
– i’ve never in my life weighed more than 152 lbs, but now i way 153 lbs. so right now, i weigh more than i’ve ever weighed before in my life… where will it end?(like i said, random thoughs)
– why do radio stations promote concerts even after they sold out? morcheeba was playing at the opera house a while ago, which is cool ’cause i like morcheeba, but edge 102 kept promoting it constantly despite the fact that all the tickets were sold out. so why bother promoting it aside from pissing off people who would like to go to the show but can’t due to lack of tickets? and it’s not like the promoters could sell the non-existant tickets… so why?
– unless someone actually told you, how the hell would you know that peppermint patty was a chick? for the first 14 years of my life, i thought she was a guy! i mean, my god, she’s got a guy’s name, a guy’s voice, a guy’s haircut, she’s a tomboy, plays baseball, and is an asshole. what indicators were there that she was a chick!? many of you probably think that charlie brown is the gayest character in the peanuts gang, but i’d lay odds that patty is one big fat lesbo!

okay… i think that’s it for today