#30: q3-hey!

By admin, January 10, 2001

hehehe today’s comic strip features a good friend of mine, treh, in a 100% accurate (read: not accurate) portrayal of a friendly game of q3a against me.

so my windows 2000 installation that i mentioned? it crashed for the first time today. actually, it crashed three times. nice, solid locks. once running 3dmark2000, and then once in quake. i uninstalled 3dmark2000 and reinstalled my video drivers, and quake crashed again. i haven’t touched my computer since, except to do this update. if this install goes to hell, i’m gonna be pissed off. like right the fuck pissed off.

if any of you out there have a boomslang like me, be sure to grab the newest drivers for it- they enable different x and y axis sensitivity, as well as the ability to program all five buttons and to map a keyboard button to a mouse button- not like a macro, you can press and hold now! also in downloading news, the latest q3a patch brought my framerates up a lot before the events that i will not speak of again started happening…