#287: one finger salute #1

By admin, November 8, 2002

all right. listen the fuck up. dill’s got shit to do, prae’s got his head buried in the sand and is pretending not to know anything about webcomics. so i’m here. the damn comic is now 2 years old, and here’s what you get. you don’t get dill. you don’t get prae. you get me, motherfuckers. it follows then, that as long as i’m, you damn well better not expect to get any 3 finger salute- i ain’t got time to waste on that trash.

witness one finger salute. i shortened it to “one” so that there was no confusion as to which finger i’m talking about. you’ve already met the main character, scott. he’s a happy fellow, and we’re going to have some great adventures together.