#283: wtf am i talking about?

By admin, October 28, 2002

oh my god. i don’t even know where this comic came from? I was originally going to do a full major comic, using new art and everything about the chick from the starcraft ghost trailer ordering a sandwich from arby’s or something (‘the food of the warrior is a bacon chedder beef sandwich or something like that’). that fell through when i couldn’t think of a punchline. then i tried to make one about microsoft (in my opinion) bribing people to buy their stuff (becuase how can they not be losing money on this deal?). then i took a break, had a drink, and this came out. what the hell?

okay, well first of all, i’m really really sorry for the back to back weeded-no-comic template comic. nobody likes it less than me, but i was infact weeded with schoolwork, and was forced to use it. but now the immediate schoolwork is done, and i can at least throw something new at you.

okay, so the first order of business today is for all of you to go check out the interview of prae and me that is up at gaming3d. it’s filled with interviewy goodness.

the second order is for someone out there to please tell me what the music in the second half of the starcraft: ghost trailer is. it’s also featured in the rules of attraction movie trailer, and it’s been driving me nuts. if anybody knows what it is or where i can find it, please let me know

okay, well i guess those are the only two orders i can think of. remember to send in interesting links for me to share with the rest of the class, and i’ll see you all on wednesday