#282: i also hit a little GTA3

By admin, October 21, 2002

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. welcome to the fantastic, the amazing, the spectacular monday strip! glad you’re all here

again, we have another strip that’s more or less true (and more or less exactly along the lines of other strips). I was planning on doing some serious reading and studying this weekend, but just never got around to it. i read some american politics readings, got my establishment clause law on and all that, and also went to several libraries downtown to get books, but ended up making a fool of myself more than anything. first there’s the library at victoria college, which is cool and all state of the art-ish, but it’s like a fucking labyrinth, which i had to wander around, up and down stairs, around corridors and passageways to find what i was looking for, and then when i did had to open a freakin box to get at my book. i guess shelves are overrated. then the one at a converted church was a) closed as it was sunday (which was probably the aspect of it that converted trying to get into it from a legitimate activity to ridiculous, possibly criminal, form of entry). then b) when trying to leave, i had to push and pull both doors before i got it open. from that story alone, i think you can make out how interesting my weekend was.

the only link i got from my request on friday was this. i’ll admit, its a humorous act of spite, but if i send in the aol cd’s i get, what will i use to throw at my cats when they enter my room when they know they’re not supposed to? WHAT, I ASK YOU!!!

i probably shouldn’t have so much caffeine this late… see you wednesday…