#279: slapiddy slap slap

By admin, October 11, 2002

it’s someone’s birthday! angel pointed out to me that i could’ve just said happy birthday to her in the missing wednesday comic. i hope this makes up for it, corrine… 🙂 happy birthday!

okay, well sorry about the lack of my going postal on wednesday. school just wore me down too much. sorry about it. and i’m going to apologize in advance, because monday might be missing the post (due to turkey poisoning).

hmmm… what do i have to say… nothing i guess. i’m going up to orangeville on saturday to see various people and family for the holiday. tomorrow, i’m hitting the town – lookin’ forward to that. i think that’s all i have to say. my life isn’t that interesting.

so i guess i might or might not see you on monday. have a good thanksgiving. and if you’re american, have it in november. and if you’re not an north american, i dunno. eat tofu or something…