#155: one year today

By admin, November 7, 2001

[ edit: interesting; it seems that jpg handles gradients much nicer than png ]

well hello hello… welcome once again to this tri-weekly dose of humour i like to call “3 finger salute”

if any of you caught the title, you might notice that as of november 8 2001, 3fs has been officially online for 1 year. as you can see, we’ve had our ups and downs (PS- don’t think this month is terrible- it just looks so low because november has just begun, so the total visits for november aren’t up there yet)… mad props and thanks to all of the fans out there who keep coming and visiting this little slice of the web. you guys rock.

in case you don’t read any comics hosted on keenspot, try checking out sinfest or mac hall- they all take forever and a day to load.

IRC log humour:

03:27] *** [nUb]Far-Q has joined #3fs
[03:28] <[nUb]Far-Q> y is it dat weneva im here u’s r da only ones??
[03:28] yup
[03:28] that’s whatever you’re talking about for you
[03:28] <[nUb]Far-Q> j34h
[03:28] *** [nUb]Far-Q has quit IRC (Killed (stats.dal.net (User has been banned from DALnet ([exp/os] Due to abuse from this host, you are no longer welcome on DALnet. See http://kline.dal.net/exploits/akills.htm#os for more information.) [AKILL ID:1005121721K-f])))

so yeah.. i’ve got, like, schoolwork and shit… *sigh*.. i’m also so very tired. maybe i’ll sl33p and try to do it in the morning… as if *that’s* a good idea.

sorry i’ve been behind on my emails… i think i got all caught up today.

and, best for last- more fan art!!! that’s right, if you were to mosey on over to the funstuff page, you’d see that there are not one but two new pics up there, courtesy of amanda (aka item-chan, one of three new AOPs in #3fs). they are of the “cute” variety and even come with little poems!

well.. i’m off to try and maybe do this stupid assignment, and try and study for this test. whee…