#154: the plot thickens once more yet again

By admin, November 5, 2001

yeah, so i was drunk for the last update. sue me… well, don’t.

yeah. i drank me an awful lot of alcohol.. as usual, it wasn’t condusive to typing. i’d just like to apologize for friday in general- please remember that i was actually passing out at my keyboard while typing…

first things first- a couple things that 0wn, one is to port and the other to starbord. they would be fan art from a certain reggie reno and they r0x0r. i’m afraid i can’t help much to explain the whole “battle angel” thing; you’ll just have to ask him. but it rocks!

as for today’s IRC quote… i checked back into le channel (or as we say in IRC, “t|-|3 c|-|4NN3|_) and found that little hilarious bit of conversation going on… it quickly turned into a chant (directed at me, no less) of “STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!”… if you ain’t in that channel, why the hell aren’t you!?! btw, vorgo added something about brains and physical proportion being important… also that he wanted to get back here to guelph where the ladies at. w00t.

IRC log humour:

[00:27] <Sl|ghtlyTw|sted> My term for when Im talking to women Is i say Im talking to boobs, cuz most of my lady friends are well endowed in the chest area
[00:28] <^Bahamut_Duo^> MY girlfriend is!
[00:28] Sl|ghtlyTw|sted same here.
[00:28] <^Bahamut_Duo^> 🙂
[00:28] :/
[00:28] <Sl|ghtlyTw|sted> right on
[00:28] <^Bahamut_Duo^> ^_^
[00:28] tits and good. I like tits
[00:28] <Sl|ghtlyTw|sted> yep
[00:28] my gf = unendowed :/

if anyone out there owns and is using a retail version of windows XP (read: not a h4x0red w4r3z version), please give me some feedback, particularily on that touchy subject of registration.

and yes, what the computar of doom prophesizes is correct. i’ve just recently been really realizing that i’m going to be on dial-up (at BEST!) for much of december. hold me now, for i think i shall cry.

installed ICQ2001… if you’re running anything from 99a to 2000b, i recommend the install… seems more stable and better organized on my system.. comes with P2P file sharing, as well.. and if anyone has a hack that gets rid of the ads, let me know.. i used a buddy’s comp this weekend that was running 2000b with no adverts, and i must say i liked it. a lot.

lastly, i have started playing starcraft- whether it was a subconcious decision, preparing my mind and body for the long month of dialup, or whether it’s because the game just kicks so much ass i wanted to play through it and brood wars again, perhaps i’ll never know. but the game rocks, i must say.

where the hell’s *my* fanmail, Tim Gurnett??? :op