#153: i’m so drunk i can only hope this comic is funny

By admin, November 2, 2001

ummm eah i have no clue what toda’y comic is about

i think it has soemthing to do with teh forums… let’s ee iof i can find the original forum remark to post in IRC log gumou… of course buy “fprums” i meant “irc..”… you all know how it is



i foudn it… it’ sfrom some guyh named ghabriel.. not *the* gabriel of course but (a* gabriel none the les


IRC log humour:

<Gabriel`Angelfire> or you could make one about nympho sluts from venus involve din a conspiracy to blow shit up

okay yeah.. so i cna’ t relall y hid eit anymore

in canse you can’t tell, i am just a littel but ti[sy tonight… tonigh being thursday night fo course (althoug it’s technically firday, you know.. since it’s like 3 am and all(… you see, i went to teh palace, and if you’re athte palace, it’s like a requirement that you be drunk. and then i got extreme pita… oh man. il loooove dat pita. mmm mmm good… extremem pita

so yesterday, in teh forums, i had thi really reallly long high rant abut forums.. and tehn i didn’t put a topic and when i pressed back it was gone. it sukce.d.. i wish it hadn’t been erased…

woa… when iclose my eyes, i get the s[pins.. how and o gpoing to go to sl33p if i get the spins? that is not good at all, since i n33d to sl33 very soon..

well.. theat’ sthat . i ‘m too drunk o even ne typing , so have a great bnovember everyony

OH and b33r steins sales have be333m extended through january…. i’m just oo lazy to provide a lin,. but cafepress sent me an emai., yso you know it’s lefit.

but lefit i mean legit

alll right..


goodight everyone

cynthia0- i know you’re reading this. goddamn i’m drunk.. i mean really.. i’m drunk. i hope i can sl33[/.. yeah.. like that

i ‘m ot even looking at what i’m typing anymore… i’m borderlinepassed out at my comp..

so goodnight.

i hope the comics’ funny.. i don’t ever remeberder what it is. attihis pit… goodnight.