#024: self-sacrifice

By admin, December 27, 2000

holy shit. i’m off my comp for christmas and everyone starts getting delusions of grandeur. our hits went through the roof (bear in mind that i took that image at like 12:52 am on wednesday, so there wasn’t a lot of time to get hits yet…) over the last couple days. maybe getting mentioned on the front pages of fragtopia, planet tribes, teamplay.net, and tribes universe had a little something to do with it. dillinger, that last comic was truly l33t. everyone else, remember that we’re here to keep rocking your world and we are here to stay.

check this shiznat out right here. transformers rule. a nice history of the battling robots as well as some cool tunes for the transformeraholic in all of us.

well… there was a time when i had a lot to say but right now it’s late and christmas is tiring me out. catch you all on friday- and i promise that the insane slave robot bloody communist revolution will be here by then!! stay the fuck tuned!