#019: solid aibo

By admin, December 15, 2000

well here’s another comic.

in other news… i’m thinking of shaving a few pixels off either side of the site, trimming it down to about 760 instead of 765, which kind of pushes 800×600 viewers to the edge. i’ll look into doing that for monday’s update, our big 20th comic and (finally) the explanation of the title. thanks again to all who entered the conest- many of you were correct. come back monday to find out for sure.

next week is “insane week” at dr. lobster. while i’m sure i’ll mention this again on monday, dr. lobster will post 120 comics over the next week. starting monday at 12:00 am, they will post a new comic every hour. as well, penny arcade recently mentioned little gamers in their newspost, and i’m going to do the same because i really enjoyed reading all of their comics. i particularily enjoyed the line “i don’t think we can use that anymore, i think it’s stuck in there.

apologies go out for the brief dissapearing act the page performed today… a power cable went sour on me and i’m not sure how long the server was down.