#013: phase 1: spam website. phase 3: date with killcreek.

By admin, November 29, 2000

okay… so when i didn’t do monday’s update sunday night and it was left until 7:00 pm on monday, i threw my whole system out of whack. so i didn’t even realize that today was wednesday until 11:45 last night on my way to work… so the update is late again… sorry… at least it’s before 10 am this time… follow that?

today’s triumph of cut-and-paste (a.k.a. “strip”) touches on a topic that is near and dear to our hearts… well.. actually, probably not very many people’s hearts. marauder will like it. but i just feel that maybe john romero’s long, flowing locks needed to be touched upon really quickly before we could truly call ourselves an online comic strip…and if you’re that curious: yes, www.stevana.com actually is killcreek’s website… and yes, she has lots of pictures of herself. just to save you the trouble of asking…