#012: now, where did i put that ending?

By admin, November 27, 2000

as you may be able to deduce from the following bit of comical wit, i took in “unbreakable” with corrine over the weekend. with samuel l. jackson and bruce willis, i’m virtually guaranteed a good movie. and it was- it was freaking awesome. i’ve never seen or heard of a similar plot, and the willis / jackson combo delivered an excellent performance. i would say that literally the last thirty seconds of the film ruined it for me- i thought up a better ending on my way to the car; which i may post on freakonit if i ever get around to updating. but i don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so i’ll stop now. it’s a renter.

hot soup and his cronies are again beating me to the punch. first, it was the aibo incident, and now, as i quickly slide over to lethal doses’ corner of the web, it seems that kuzma put up his thoughts on unbreakable yesterday. damn you once more, lethal doses! one step ahead… :op