#010: dry cool wit of an action hero

By admin, November 21, 2000

today’s strip features sony’s aibo. interestingly enough, so does yesterday’s strip at lethal doses… but i assure you that these two separate strips have nothing in common- hot soup doesn’t even know who i am (until i email him that is hehehe). when you consider that i did this update on the 21st at about 4:30 pm and that the comic arrived in my inbox from dillinger at 3:58 while i was still at work and that i hadn’t even seen soup’s latest, you have to believe me… but anyway. damned hot soup… always one step ahead…

in other news, vote and enter the contest goddammit. i’m seeing how many hits we’re getting, and the number is not “next to nobody”. yet still, “next to nobody” is entering the t-shirt contest and voting for their favourite comic. so let me be the first to tell you that your chances of winning a shirt, the prize we are effectively trying to buy an audience with, are still good. so enter. :op