#009: who?

By admin, November 19, 2000

election2000 comes to an “anticlimactic” conclusion today (just as the real one will) with our current comic, which weighs in at a healthy 23% of your recommended daily intake of funny. opening weekend here at 3fs went pretty well, but remember- it takes a combined total of next to no time at all to enter the free t-shirt contest and vote. currently we’re tied with penny-arcade, that diety of online humour to which we all humbly bow before. that just seems weird to me, and tells me a lot of our friends are visiting. thank you all for your support- we took in a ton of hits over the weekend, and if you guys keep spreading the word we can only continue to grow. so enjoy today’s humour and check back on wednesday for our latest “back to normal” comic! by the way, if you’ve entered the contest and haven’t recieved a confirmation reply, please re-submit your application manually by sending an email to [email protected] with a subject of “3 finger salute name contest” and accept our apologies.